Foreo Luna 2 Sensitive review

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I was extremely excited to get my hands on a Foreo Luna 2 (the Sensitive version) around Christmas 2016. My skin was having a fit and I desperately wanted to find something that would help me clean it thoroughly without causing any aggravation. I had heard good things about Foreo Luna so I crossed my fingers and bit the bullet. 10 months later I believe I can give you a comprehensive review of the device and its effects on my skin.


What is Foreo Luna 2

Much like Clarisonic, Foreo is a brand most well known for it’s face cleansing brush line LUNA. Their cleansing brushes are electronic skin cleaning devices that are made of medical-grade silicone with silicone bristles that deliver trans-dermal sonic pulsations, providing a deep skin cleaning and gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells. These devices are very user friendly as they are completely waterproof and very hygienic to use. Due to the design and the materials used, Foreo cleansing brushes are supposed to be very easy to clean and shouldn’t allow germs, dirt and bacteria to build up on the bristles. I’ve personally found this to be not entirely true – read on to find out what I mean – but I do think that with proper care they can be the cleanest face cleansing brushes out there.

Foreo face cleansing devices feature a uniform design, which means that the brush-head is part of the device itself, not an attachment. It is both a benefit and a drawback.  Variations in brush-heads (be it for oily, normal or other type of skin) means variations in devices themselves – there is no way to buy one device and change the brush-head based on your skin needs in the moment. However that also means that all brush-heads are made to be extremely long-lasting and there is no need to spend any extra money on the upkeep after the purchase of the device.

Foreo Luna 2 range. From left to right: Combination, Normal, Oily and Sensitive version

All variations in devices are colour-coded, meaning that every Foreo device with a particular brush-head will always have one set colour. These colours do differ slightly among the lines of devices.


There are two generations of Luna devices – the original Luna and the newer Luna 2. Mine is of the latter range.

The predominant difference that I can see between the two generations is that Luna 2 range devices have a more advanced brush-head. Visually the brush-head on Luna 2 is definitely larger than the original, making it more effective at cleaning the face. It also offers slightly different brush-head variations than the original Luna.

If you’re considering getting one, I would definitely recommend going for Luna 2 rather than the original, because the brush-head is the most important part of the device and the larger size really makes a difference.


In addition to these, there are several spin-off lines based on Luna (such as Luna 2 Professional, Luna Mini and Luna Play).

Foreo Luna range (Luna 2 Professional not pictured)

What comes in the box?

When you buy a Luna 2 device, you get the following things in your box: the face cleansing device of your choice, a USB cable to charge your Luna (you’ll need a USB charger), a pouch to store your Luna in when travelling, information on your device, instructions and an authenticity card.

Luna 2 box contents

I’ve found the travel pouch to be an excellent little bag made of neutral coloured stretchy material that makes it easy to put my Luna in and take it back out. It’s not going to offer any protection to your device, but it will ensure it arrives clean and tidy, without adding any weight or bulking it up. I only wish the material was a little more durable as mine has some snagged threads already.


Luna 2 Sensitive

Luna 2 Sensitive comes in lavender colour, representing its gentle and calming nature. It actually has two brush-heads, one in the front and one in the back of the device. Its design is very sleek and simple, making the use of Luna instinctive. It has three buttons on the front of the device (On/Off button as well as + and – buttons) and a waterproof charging point at the back. The bottom of the device glows when it is turned on, in standby or charging, giving light clues as to its status.

Front of Luna 2 with uniform sensitive brush-head and buttons

It has a uniform frontal brush-head where the bristles are identical all over (as opposed to other versions of Luna 2). The bristles are spaced roughly 1mm apart and are about 4mm long. Despite the depth of the feathery soft silicone bristles, the close and even placement of bristles provides a soft cushioning effect on the skin without becoming flimsy. The bristles generally tend to move in unison on the skin – they have room to move sideways with the skin a little, preventing any tugging, but they never collapse or move chaotically. The base of the brush-head is cushioned and this allows the brush to adjust to your face contours well.

The back brush-head is of a slightly raised widely spaced ribbed design and is the same across all Luna 2 devices. It is meant to be used for anti-ageing your skin by pressing it against wrinkle-prone areas. It can also be used on top of moisturisers to help them penetrate deeper into the skin.

Back of Luna 2 Sensitive with anti-ageing brush-head and charging port

I must admit I’ve always thought this was too gimmicky for me (you’re supposed to do it for a full minute, too) so I haven’t really explored this side of my Luna much. I have tried massaging my moisturiser in with this brush-head, but I will not do it again as I felt it was tugging too much on my skin. It was also too troublesome to dry the device after just having used it for washing my face.

I have also pressed and held it against wrinkle-prone areas right after rinsing my face and the device (still wet) but I wasn’t a fan of that either. The back of the device is hard (not cushioned as the front brush-head) so it it felt much too hard and jut wrong somehow. So if you’re interested in a Foreo Luna for its anti-ageing properties, you’re better off getting something purpose built for that alone.



Using Luna

Luna is great at ensuring you spend enough time washing your face due to its built in timer. It gives you four 15 second segments, making sure you spend a whole minute washing your face (which is the recommended length even when washing your face with just your hands). With Luna you wash your face in sections, spending 15 seconds on each section. After every 15 seconds Luna will pause it’s pulsations for a second and flash the light, giving a clear indication it’s time to move on.

Once a whole minute has passed, your Luna will pause pulsations three times in a row and turn on its light, indicating that you can finish your face washing. It still continues pulsating after that in case you want to spend extra time on any particular area, although it is generally advised not to wash any one area for much longer as it can irritate the skin (this is true for all face washing brushes). To stop the pulsations, you simply press the On/Off button again. The device will turn itself off after three minutes of standby time.

There are 8 speed settings which you can play with by pressing the + and – buttons. After a bit of playing around with it I’ve happily left it close to the setting my Luna came with, although there are both stronger and weaker pulsation settings available. It’s not something that I feel needs much adjustments unless your device is not cleaning your face well enough or it’s aggravating your skin.

Foaming cleansers work best with Luna

I’ve found that my Luna (and I presume all other Lunas as well) works best with a well foaming cleanser. I’ve tried it with a range of cleansers – from cleansing milks and balms to cleansers that are very mild and non-foaming – and I’ve found that I prefer it with those cleansers that foam a bit more. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a harsh cleanser containing sodium laureth sulfate, but it should be of the foaming variety as I’ve found there is generally less lather when I use my Luna rather than my hands. I really don’t like using face cleansing oils, balms, milks and face cleansers that tend to leave an oilier residue in combination with Luna as I feel the combo is less effective at cleansing my skin and the silicone gets coated by the residue as well, making it harder to clean*.

There is one thing that I especially love about Luna – it’s how long the battery lasts!! I can go many months without charging it, never bothering to take a charger with me on any trips. In fact, I believe I’ve only ever charged my Luna 3 times: once when I first got it, once about 5 months later and once more when I was going away for 5 weeks for my wedding and honeymoon – just to be safe. I’ve virtually forgotten it runs on anything but air and skin care magic. It’s VERY liberating!



Introducing Luna into my skincare

Unfortunately my skin is very sensitive and many things can cause it to react in redness and breakouts. I can have trouble even with products that other people with mildly sensitive skin can use without a reaction (don’t tell me you have sensitive skin if you use a Clarisonic daily with any but the luxe brushhead!). I can’t use most exfoliators either, as they’re generally too harsh for my skin. So I chose to purchase the Sensitive version of Luna 2 range, thinking it was my safest bet to youthful, clear skin.

And it was. My skin never once reacted to my new skincare toolwhich was a wonder to me in itself! Mind you, I introduced Luna in my skincare gradually, first only using it in the evening of every second day. In about two weeks, when I was certain my skin wasn’t reacting negatively, I increased that to using my Luna every evening. In another week or so I reached the point of using my Luna every morning and evening – essentially whenever I washed my face, I used my Luna. I was very careful with this process because I had had a bad time trying to introduce another face cleansing brush before. So my advice for introducing face cleansing brushes to your skincare generally, be it Foreo, Clarisonic or any other, is to go slow. It will give your skin time to get used to the new routine without freaking out – yes, there is often an adjustment period.

This is the best way I’ve found to use Luna for face washing:

  1. Thoroughly wet your face.
  2. Squirt some face wash in your hands and rub them together to create a bit of lather.
  3. Briefly massage the cleanser all over your face (except the eyes) to cover it well with the cleanser.
  4. Wet your Luna under running water (ensuring it’s really wet), gently rub your hands on the bristles so that they get all foamy and then start the cleansing cycle with Luna.
  5. Once the minute is up, set Luna down and gently rub your cleanser covered hands over your face for one final lather, making sure to also wash the eye area (you definitely don’t want to use your Luna there).
  6. Rinse your face and hands.
  7. Occasionally give your Luna a wash with fresh face wash.
  8. Use a silicone cleaning spray on the bristles (optional).

It seems like a lot of steps, but it really doesn’t take very long and with this technique I’m certain my face is thoroughly cleaned all over. Just make sure you start with clean hands!


Keeping Luna clean

Now, over my 10 month period of using Luna I have noticed that my Luna does not always stay completely bacteria-free as Foreo claims it will. It WILL require some thorough cleaning from time to time.

I’ve found that it is extremely important to rinse Luna well, because face wash residue likes to hide away deep in between the bristles. Over time this can cause soap-like buildup at the base of the brush-head (bottom of the bristles). That can cause bacteria to grow on your bristles which is the last thing you’d want from your face cleansing brush! This has unfortunately happened to me – clearly I haven’t been as thorough as I thought. But the good news is that you can also use rubbing alcohol to sanitise your brush-head in a pinch since you don’t have to worry about the bristles absorbing any of it. You’ll have to find a way to dislodge all the hardened lather residue though, which is far more work than I’d have liked.

It may be a good idea to invest in Foreo’s own Silicone Cleaning Spray, which is said to contain soothing elements and gentle detergents that kill all possible bacteria without aggravating even the most sensitive skins. I did not think it was really necessary when I first got my Luna, but 10 months down the line I’m thinking the 9.90 GBP could really be worth it.

I’ve also noticed buildup at the base of the device where silicone meets the plastic of the light area. Over time water has seeped into the joint and has turned mouldy, which is clearly visible through the plastic. It has no contact with your skin (or really any other part of you), so the effect is more visual than anything else. However I like to be sure that anything I use in my skincare is thoroughly clean so I set out to clean the area with some dental floss and rubbing alcohol.

Over time water has seeped in between silicone and plastic, causing moulding
It can be easily cleaned with dental floss, some water and sanitised with rubbing alcohol

Despite the surprise discovery of residue on the brush-head of my Luna, I still feel confident about my Luna being the cleanest face cleansing brush out there (in comparison with conventional nylon bristles). I can clean the base of the brush-head and be sure that no germs are hiding away, because this silicone is non-porous and each bristle stands alone. I feel that nylon bristles are far less clean from the get go, coming straight from the factory with bristles being crammed together tightly at the base of the brush-head. I feel there’s no way to completely clean those – which is probably why they’re to be changed every 3 months.


Results from using Luna

I have high standards for my cleansing brushes – they have to be gentle enough not to irritate my skin yet effective enough to clean stubborn congested pores. Has Luna lived up to these demands? I feel like it has – and it has convinced me to keep Luna as a permanent addition to my daily skincare regimen.

My skin has been looking better overall ever since I introduced Luna in my skincare – no doubt due to the thorough cleaning, gentle exfoliation and improved blood flow my skin has been getting. It isn’t a magical eraser and unfortunately doesn’t stop hormonal break outs from happening (ahh, if only there was a device that did!), but it does help immensely with keeping my skin cleaner and more healthy looking.

My dehydrated combination ultra-sensitive skin can be a handful, but it has definitely calmed down some over these last 10 months. And what I find most exciting is that my skin’s reactions seem to be becoming a lot less severe – I will still get breakouts if my skin doesn’t like a particular product (or the quality of air, or sweat from my workout, or the food I ate, or the way I looked at it in the mirror), but nowadays they are usually small and heal quickly.

My Luna has earned itself a permanent spot in my skincare regimen

Admittedly, Luna isn’t the only change I’ve introduced that has contributed towards a better skin, so the reduced reactivity cannot be fully accredited to Luna alone. However, I’ve also got the perfect testing ground for the effectiveness of Luna as a cleansing brush.

A particular problem area I have is my nose, which is the main reason I wanted to introduce a face cleansing brush in my skincare routine. I’ve got large pores on and around my nose, but the skin there is also very dry and cracks easily. These large pores seem to want to be permanently clogged and the only thing that gives me any clearing results at all tends to be using a pore-cleaning nose strip coupled with a blackhead remover tool. Unfortunately both are quite harsh – not to mention painful and potentially damaging – and often leave me with cracked skin on and around my nostrils, which shows up really well whenever I wear any foundation.

Since introducing Luna in my skincare, my pores have been staying cleaner longer and I have drastically reduced the frequency of my various pore cleaning methods. This has allowed the skin on my nose to heal and become much healthier. It’s still not perfect and over time the pores do get clogged – I think the sensitive version of Luna is too gentle to really prevent that (at least on the setting I need to use it on in order to not upset the rest of my skin). But it happens A LOT slower and the pores are also a lot easier to clean when they do become congested.



The verdict

I feel like the Luna 2 Sensitive face cleansing brush is absolutely perfect for anyone who wants to introduce a face cleansing brush in their daily skin care regimen but tends to experience skin sensitivity. If you haven’t had luck with face brushes before, you have trouble exfoliating your skin without aggravating it or your skin tends to react to everything strongly, the Sensitive version of Luna 2 is definitely, definitely worth checking out! I would also definitely recommend checking Luna 2 out even for those, who don’t experience skin sensitivity. Face cleansing brushes are a really good way to ensure you clean your skin well without using harsh cleansers – and Foreo LUNA 2 is definitely one of the best on the market!

Luna 2 Sensitive

At the price point of 169 GBP it is definitely an investment – but it could be one of the best things you do for your skin. Besides, you know you’ll never need to buy replacement brush-heads which can add a lot to the total expense of using a face cleansing brush. I would however suggest buying a silicone cleaning spray to ensure your Luna always stays in its best shape.

I believe that skincare is worth investing in – and it all starts with a good, clean, happy skin.



*Coincidentally, I’ve been really enjoying using my Luna with the Foreo Yoghurt Day Cleanser and have worked through several bottles of it already. It’s gentle, natural and mild enough not to irritate or strip my sensitive skin. It also foams well with Luna and leaves my skin feeling clean yet well looked after. It’s okay at removing light makeup like concealer and powder but I wouldn’t try to wash off a full face of makeup with it – to be honest it’s not something I’d do with any other face cleansers (except oils) either. At 25 GBP for a 100ml bottle it’s definitely on the pricier side, but I feel it really performs well. I also liked using Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, although I found it to lather quite a bit less and so I felt less confident about how clean my skin was getting (although it got the job done well enough). But at 30 GBP it’s even more expensive than the Foreo cleanser.

What are your thoughts?

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