It’s all about those brows!

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Today’s post is a foray into the world of brow make-up products.

In recent years perfectly shaped brows have stolen the spotlight. Knowing how to do your brows well is the very foundation of your make-up game. But it doesn’t help that there are so many products out there, all of which are seemingly meant to achieve the same thing – perfect brow arches. An … Read more

Making sense of Hakuhodo

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The world of Hakuhodo

Hakuhodo is a world famous Japanese high-end make-up brush manufacturing company based in the make-up brush capital of the world, Kumano, where renowned high quality calligraphy brushes have been produced for over 200 years. Hakuhodo’s speciality is award-winning make-up brushes, but they also make high-quality calligraphy, oil painting, menso, design and other brushes. Interestingly, Hakuhodo not only manufactures their own brand … Read more