It’s all about those brows!

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Today’s post is a foray into the world of brow make-up products.

In recent years perfectly shaped brows have stolen the spotlight. Knowing how to do your brows well is the very foundation of your make-up game. But it doesn’t help that there are so many products out there, all of which are seemingly meant to achieve the same thing – perfect brow arches. An … Read more

Cooking with Gousto

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The Gousto experiment

I’ll admit it – I’m not too keen on cooking, never have been. Most of the time I find it boring, but it’s gotten even trickier after moving in with my fiancé. Coming from two different cultures we also have vastly different preferences in food – so I end cooking rather infrequently. But ready-meals and take-out really don’t seem like a viable … Read more

A weekend of bicycles

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The weekend of Prudential RideLondon

Last weekend was the annual Prudential RideLondon weekend. If you’re not from London, this might not mean anything to you so I’ll briefly explain what it is.

Over the course of the weekend, the Mayor of London’s office turns the city in a cycling haven. There is a cycling route set up all through Central London and several pretty serious … Read more

Making sense of Hakuhodo

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The world of Hakuhodo

Hakuhodo is a world famous Japanese high-end make-up brush manufacturing company based in the make-up brush capital of the world, Kumano, where renowned high quality calligraphy brushes have been produced for over 200 years. Hakuhodo’s speciality is award-winning make-up brushes, but they also make high-quality calligraphy, oil painting, menso, design and other brushes. Interestingly, Hakuhodo not only manufactures their own brand … Read more